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Advancing the Actuarial Profession

BENGALURU: Nov 10, 2022

The Zuri Whitefield, Phoenix Ballroom, Bengaluru

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Opening Overview

Positioning of SOA in India for global market and the partnerships, also highlight different domains evolving for actuary professionals



Actuary of the Future: Evolving in Uncertain Times

Highlighting how political, social, demographic, and technological changes could drive disruptions in the profession.



Global Actuarial Outsourcing: The Market Outlook & Emerging Opportunities

Focus on the way outsourcing is evolving in the global actuary industry & how to best position to leverage





SOA Board Member Keynote

Discourse on a specific topic where on a global context SOA is working on different aspects



Critical elements of Revised Assumptions Setting in Post-COVID Environment

Bring out the changes in interest setting, mortality, and other demographic assumptions





Life Insurance: Nuances of Latest Developments in US GAAP

Convey (NAIC) activities with respect to updates to principle-based reserve valuations & the key differences between the US GAAP accounting basis and IFRS.



Private Pensions: Changing dimensions in evolving economic environment

Economic developments, COVID, changing interest dynamics and their impact on pension plan assumptions



Managing Financial Market Risks Through Reinsurance

Highlighting improving capital efficiency in-force portfolio under the current low yield environment





Career Advancement through SOA Lifelong Learning

Explaining the SOA career development plan and partnerships with other actuarial organizations



Ask the SOA Anything

Closing Session with SOA India Task Force Members

High Level Session Description

Actuary of the Future in Uncertain Times

One of the key responsibilities in the actuarial profession is forecasting. This session will use that forecasting skill as we look where the actuarial profession is heading. We will discuss the direction of the profession including the skill sets and technology that has been identified as being integral to actuarial work. You will be able to understand how social, demographic, and technological changes could drive disruptions in the profession.

Assumption Setting in a Post-COVID Context

The selection of mortality and other demographic assumptions has always been central to the role of the actuary. We have seen great changes in mortality patterns and in interest rates in the past two years. These impact setting assumptions in the current landscape and in the changing environment. Hear how this impacts those working in both the retirement and the life areas of practice.


One of the elements of continuing professional development for all actuaries is to stay updated in the area of professionalism. Inevitably, at some point in an actuary's career something goes wrong-a mistake is made, a miscommunication occurs, a confidence is breached, or you're asked to do something you may not be qualified to do. How do you know what to do? Participate in this highly interactive session in which actuaries facilitate a discussion of various ethical problems faced by actuaries in their everyday practice. Through this session you will explore mini case studies and learn where to look for guidance.

ESG and Sustainable Finance

Interest in environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing continues to grow amongst investors and other financial market players. There are now over 3,000 signatories to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) representing over $US100 trillion of assets under management. The economy, health, climate, society, and our system of governance can no longer be viewed as discrete issues. The correlational impacts are increasingly real - as we have experienced in the course of the Covid-19 crisis. It is apparent of the importance of factoring in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) impact to provide better decision-making. So how are actuaries managing this risk? Uncover ESG actuarial opportunities, best practices, and insights for the future of our work

SOA Exam System

Learn about the recent changes to the SOA exam pathway. Learn about how anyone can join as an Affiliate member of the SOA. Many actuarial students in India are familiar with the IAI exam system and learn how it compares to the SOA system. Learn why the SOA is the largest actuarial membership organization in the world and how to begin the education exam system.


Concurrent 1 -US GAAP and US Statuary Latest Developments-- This session will convey the key National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) activities with respect to on updates to principle-based reserve valuations and appointed actuary topics. This session will offer key issues facing life insurers in US GAAP. At this session you will learn some of the key differences between the US GAAP accounting basis and IFRS.

Pension – Concurrent 1 – Accounting Impacts on Pension Plans

Speakers address recent accounting issues and considerations for pension plans from the perspective of both actuaries and auditors under ASC 715, 960 and 965 as well as IAS 19.

Life - Concurrent 2 - LDTI Impacts

The accounting standards update for Long-Duration Targeted Improvements (LDTI) was released almost three years ago and many insurers have made significant headway in implementing the associated changes. This goes into effect in 2023. Do you understand these changes? In this session, the presenters discuss some of the key financial impact analyses that insurers have taken up. This includes those around setting discount rate assumptions, as well as the associated results and how they have helped to guide implementation decisions. At the conclusion of this session, attendees will be able to consider whether the analyses and results discussed are consistent with those observed at their own companies. Those who have not yet conducted such analyses, or have conducted different analyses, will be able to evaluate whether the analyses discussed would be relevant to their business

Pension - Concurrent 2

Latest developments in Private Pensions. Speakers will discuss the latest developments in the private pension plan sector. Topics that may be covered include recently enacted and pending legislation; proposed and final regulatory guidance and other regulatory activity; recent litigation.

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